Interesting Facts about Sophia- the Humanoid Robot

Leia Smith | 01 - 22 - 2021
Humanoid Robot
  1. Sophia is the first humanoid robot in the world. It was developed by David Hanson and his team in Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics. It is said that David had worked as a Disney imagineer before starting his robotics career. 
  2. Sophia is the first AI robot citizen in the world. On October 25th  2018, she was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship. The terms of her citizenship were not explained by the committee. However, it is said that Sophia has more rights than Saudi Arabian women as she doesn’t have a guardian and needn’t wear an abaya, two things women in Saudi are expected to follow. 
  3. Sophia is never fitted with a wig in her public appearances. Also, the back of her head is covered with a transparent cap.
  4. Sophia has participated in several conferences and shows through the years. She has even appeared on the most popular Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon. Sophia is also the first robot innovation Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program.
  5. Sophia can express anger when she’s upset. She has also passed funny comments during interviews. Sophia is being innovated from time to time to think and grasp emotions to act more like humans. 
  6. David Hanson revealed that Sophia’s facial features were not random but were created keeping Audrey Hepburn in mind. 
  7. Sophia can raise her eyebrows and even frown while she’s upset. 
  8. Her eyes are fitted with cameras to recognize human faces. She is also capable of maintaining direct eye contact with anyone who’s interacting with her.
  9. Sophia processes speech using Google Chrome Voice Recognition Technology. However, it is noted that she pauses a little before answering a question.
  10. There is only one Sophia in the world. The company hasn’t created any other version of this particular humanoid. But, Sophia has about 9 siblings, all of which were developed by Hanson Robotics. 

In conclusion, Sophia, the humanoid robot, represents a significant milestone in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence

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