Interesting Facts about VJ Day 1945 That Will Leave You Speechless

Iris | 07 - 21 - 2021
Victory Day Facts

Victory over Japan Day was established in 1945 to commemorate the end of World War II.

When US President Harry S Truman declared Victory over Japan Day on August 15, 1945, at a White House press conference, celebration around the world. 

It’s been 72 years since Japan officially surrendered on VJ Day 1945, bringing World War II to a close. Victory over Japan Day WW2 is observed on September 2nd, the day Japan surrendered and WWII officially ended. The first VJ Day sparked a national celebration and was immortalized in Life Magazine with an iconic kiss. What should you know about VJ Day? To find out, read the following fascinating VJ Day facts.

Why Is Victory Day Celebrated?
  • A. End of World War 2
  • B. End of World War 2
  • C. End of Civil War
  • D. All the Above

Top 10 Engrossing Victory Day Facts

  • For three years, eight months, and seven days, the United States fought in WWII. 
  • When Japanese planes bombed the Pearl Harbor military base in Hawaii on December 7, 1941, the United States officially entered the war. 
  • The surrender of Japan was announced on August 14, 1945, and the formal surrender took place on September 2.
  • On August 14, 1945, at 7 p.m., President Harry S. Truman announced Japan’s unconditional surrender to reporters gathered at the White House.
  • “Kissing the war goodbye” famous image was published in Life Magazine a week after VJ Day. The sailor in the photograph was later identified as veteran George Mendonsa.
  • The end of the war was to be marked by a two-day holiday in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.
  • Clement Atlee, the British Prime Minister, confirmed the news in a broadcast at midnight, saying, “The last of our enemies has been laid low.”
  • There were no celebrations in Japan, Emperor Hirohito blamed Japan’s surrender on the use of “a new and most cruel bomb” on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Arkansas abolished VJ Day as a legal holiday in 1975. Since that time, Rhode Island has been the only state to recognize VJ Day as a legal holiday, famously called Victory Day Rhode Island.
  • Rhode Island lost 10% of its military personnel, or 10,000 people, in the Pacific the holiday is kept as a memorial.
  • During WWII, over 400,000 Americans were killed. Several more people were hurt. Veterans have suffered long-term injuries and other traumas in every valiantly fought war since WWII.

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