Interesting Veterans Day Facts You Must Know

Vannessa | 18 - 10 - 2020

Who Is Honored on Veterans Day?

Every year Veterans Day is observed on the 11th of November. Did you know that this day is of great historical significance? Yes, Veterans Day is observed to honor the veterans who served in America’s armed forces that include Military, Navy, and Air service. This federal holiday was originally called the Armistice Day and was observed for the first time after World War I in remembrance of the military personnel who sacrificed their lives for the country. November of every year is designated as National Veterans and Military Family Month. 

Veterans Day History

Armistice Day was first commemorated in the year 1919. Later on My 13, 1938, a law declaring Nov 11 as a federal paid holiday was passed. After World War II, in 1954, the US Congress changed the term Armistice to Veteran.

Veterans Day Facts

  1. National memorial service is held every year on Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery to honor the veterans and military personnel. 
  2. As of 2019, there are 1.64 million female veterans in the USA.
  3. Veterans Day and Memorial Day are not the same. Veterans Day is observed on the 11th of November every year whereas Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May annually. Memorial Day is mainly to honor the military personnel who lost their lives fighting for the country. Whereas, Veterans Day is to thank all the veterans, both living and dead, their friends, and families for their sacrifices. 
  4. America is not the only country that observes Veterans Day. Countries like Canada, Australia, and Great Britain also observe a similar day called Remembrance Day to honor the veterans who lost their lives in wars. 
  5. Another interesting fact is that Veterans Day doesn’t come with an apostrophe. This is because this day is not meant to honor a particular veteran or a specific group of veterans. Since, it is observed to thank all the veterans, both living and dead, of America’s armed forces, there is no apostrophe.

When Is Veterans Day Observed?
  • A. 1st Jan
  • B. 11th November
  • C. 25th May
  • D. 3rd July
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