Known and Unknown Facts about Bermuda Triangle

Emma | 12 - 04 - 2020
Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of airplanes and ships are said to have disappeared mysteriously. Here we have listed below some of the Bermuda Triangle facts for you to know.


Some of the Known Facts about Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Is Also Known As?
  • A. The Devil’s Triangle
  • B. Evil's Triangle
  • C. Devil’s corner
  • D. None of the above


The term “Bermuda Triangle” was coined in the year 1964 by writer Vincent Gaddis in the men’s pulp magazine Argosy.


It is bound by the southern coast of the U.S., Bermuda, and the islands of the Greatest Antilles (Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico)


The Bermuda Triangle does not appear on the world map and the U.S. The Board on Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an Official region of the Atlantic Ocean.


In 2013, the world Wildlife Fund (WWF) conducted a study and found that the Bermuda Triangle is not one of the world’s 10 most dangerous bodies of water for shipping.


The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world.


The deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the Milwaukee Depth, is located in the Bermuda Triangle. The Puerto Rico Trench reaches a depth of 27,493 feet (8,380 meters) at the Milwaukee Depth.


Some of the Unknown Facts about Bermuda Triangle


How deep is the Bermuda triangle? It’s one of the deepest spots on earth. It goes from a gently sloping continental shelf to an extremely deep drop-off. Some of the deepest trenches in the world are found in the area of the Bermuda Triangle.


The exact number of ships and airplanes that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle is not known. The most common estimate is about 50 ships and 20 airplanes.


Why do things disappear in the Bermuda triangle? There is no evidence about the mysterious disappearances and nobody knows how they disappear and where they go.


The wreckage of the airplanes and the ships reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle has not been recovered.


There have been approximately 1,000 lives taken in the past 100 years, at the Bermuda Triangle.


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