Top 9 Interesting Facts About Joker

Elmira | 03 - 01 - 2022
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Heath Ledger is known for his willingness to push himself to prepare for the role of Joker. Heath Ledger is most adored for playing the Joker in 2008’s The Dark Knight. After the movie, the world faced heartbreaking news of his tragic death. He died on 22 Jan 2008. If you are a true Joker fan, you might have learned everything about him by now. However, we have covered little-known facts about Joker that will leave you in surprise.

Forgotten Facts About Joker – Heath Ledger 

  • He was born on April 4, 1979, in Perth, Australia.
  • He started his acting career with “Clowning Around” (1992) who played Orphan Clown.
  • Ledge choreographed dance performance for a group of 60 people in a nationwide high school competition and the team won.
  • Heath Ledger earned global fame due to his iconic role as Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight
  • Two months before The Dark Knight’s release, he died at 28.
  • As a youngster, Ledger used to play chess a lot and participated in chess tournaments.
  • Heath Ledger’s real name was Heath Andrew Ledger, inspired by a character from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.
  • The Dark Knight’s Joker is called the greatest villain of all time, according to Digital Spy.
  • Ledger was the youngest actor to portray the role of Joker.

To better understand the character, Ledger confined himself in the motel for 43 days before filming. It helped him portray the character perfectly. This isolation started affecting his relationship with Michelle Williams. 

  • The scars of Joker’s look, resembling a weird grin, were Heath Ledger’s idea. They are known as ‘Glasgow Smile.’         
  • Ledger was originally auditioned for the role of Bruce Wayne or Batman.
  • Ledger has done his own makeup for the role of Joker. The Joker look made Michael Caine who plays the butler in the series forget his lines.
  • Ledger’s habit of flicking his tongue added more depth to the character.
  • Heath Ledger was the only villain to receive an Oscar  for the movie. But The Dark Knight was nominated for eight Academy Awards. He received the Best Supporting Actor category.

Who Approached Ledger to Play Batman?
  • A. Spike Lee
  • B. Quentin Tarantino
  • C. Kevin Feige
  • D. Christopher Nolan
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