Mind-boggling Facts About Hollywood That You Should Know

Elmira | 02 - 03 - 2022

Facts About Hollywood :

Hollywood, Los Angeles, also known as Tinseltown, is synonymous with the American entertainment business. (please rephrase) As the film industry started expanding, it earned the nickname Tinseltown. At present, Hollywood is widely recognized as the most famous film industry in the world. How well well-versed are you about Hollywood? If you are searching for interesting facts about Hollywood, you have landed at the right place to increase your knowledge.

Interesting Facts About Hollywood

What is Hollywood mostly known for? Here are some facts about Hollywood that will blow your mind.

  • The popular hillside Hollywood sign makes Hollywood special and unique. It was constructed to advertise a new residential property named Hollywoodland in the 1920s. It was rebuilt in 1978 and renamed Hollywood.
  • H.J. Whitley is called the father of Hollywood, contributing to building the Hollywood subdivision in Los Angeles. 
  • Old Hollywood was the first movie filmed in Hollywood in 1910 which was 17 minutes long.
  • The famous Hollywood sign was installed by a real estate developer.
  • The first talkie in Hollywood, titled The Jazz singer, a film with sound was produced in 1927. The first Academy Awards (Oscars) were conducted in Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, distributing 15 awards in 1929.
  • Hollywood has a cemetery called “Forever Cemetery” where many stars are buried including Mel Blanc, who is widely recognized for ‘That’s All Folks’ on Looney Tunes.
  • Some of the most spectacular places to visit in Hollywood are the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, the Chinese Theatre, Charlie Chaplin Studios, Madame Tussauds Hollywood, and Roosevelt Hotel.
  • Hollywood is also known for organizing Academy Awards, Hollywood Half Marathon, and the Hollywood Christmas Parade.
  • Nestor Studio is recognized as the first film studio, established in 1911 by New Jersey’s Centaur Co. 
  • The Squaw Man was known as the first film in Hollywood that was completely shot inside a Hollywood.
  • The Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood was introduced by four Ohio-born brothers in 1918 by four brothers from Ohio.
  • To honor stars who left a notable impact in the film and entertainment industry, The Hollywood Walk of Fame was built in 1958. Actress Joanne Woodward holds the record of receiving the first star in 1960.

When Was the Hollywood Sign Put Up?
  • A. 1956
  • B. 1966
  • C. 1940
  • D. 1923
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