MPAA Movie Rating System

Emma | 05 - 24 - 2021
Movie Rating

Ratings are important in a movie because it gives you an overall understanding of the contents. It helps the parents decide whether or not to allow children to watch the movie. 

Movie Rating System 

The current rating system originated in 1968 by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Jack Valenti, chairman of the MPAA, replaced the previous censorship system, known as the Hays Code. It was created by the founder of MPAA, Willam Hays, in 1992. Hays code was a parent-focused rating system. 

The current movie rating system in the United States doesn’t approve or disapprove of what the audience should watch but focuses on “freeing the screen” that provides parents clear and concise information about the film content and helps them to determine whether it is appropriate to watch with family or not. A group of independent parents handles this rating system, and it is known as Classifications and Rating Administration (CARA). 

What Is the Name of the Current Rating System?
  • A. Hays Code
  • B. MPAA
  • C. Cara
  • D. None of the above

How Are Movie Ratings Determined?

The movie ratings are determined by CARA, a division of MPAA. The members in CARA include the Chairperson, staff members, senior voters, administrative director. The voter on the board must have children between the ages of 5 and 15, and they should not be connected to the film industry. All the members will be kicked out of the board once their children are over the age of 21, and the identities of the voters are kept confidential. During the rating process, the board of parents considers factors such as violence, language, sex, drug use, and some other things that might disturb most parents. The ratings are assigned by considering what the majority of American parents would give ratings to a movie.  

Movie Rating Guide

G- General Audiences. All ages admitted 

A G-rated movie contains nothing in theme, language, nudity, sex, violence, or other aspects that parents will consider offensive. 

PG- Parental guidance suggested 

Some material in the movie may not be suitable for children. The parents must investigate PG-rated movies before they allow children to watch. 

PG-13 -Parents strongly cautioned

Some material in the movie may be inappropriate for pre-teens, children under 13. Drug use and harsher sexually derived words might be present in the PG-13 rating. 

R- Restricted 

In an R-rated movie, children under 17 should accompany parents or guardians as it may include adult themes, adult activity, bad language, intense violence, drug abuse, and sexually-oriented nudity. 


In an NC-17 rated film, no one under 17/no children will be admitted. NC-17 film may contain sex scenes, sexually-oriented language, excessive violence. However NC-17 rating does not signify obscene or pornographic in terms of sex, violence, and language. 

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