National Stress Awareness Day 101

Ashley | 11 - 01 - 2021
National Stress Awareness Day

What is National Stress Awareness Day? Why do we need an awareness day when most are familiar with the term ‘Stress’? Play this quiz to find the interesting reason behind it.

What Is Stress?

Mental health was not a serious concern a decade ago, but nowadays, it has become as common as flu. Before we jump into knowing what causes stress, let’s understand the true meaning of this frequently used term.

Stress can be easily described as the human body’s inability to cope with emotional or mental pressure. Even the slightest changes in the routine, like a burned toast, can cause stress to anyone. But do you know when it is serious?

National Stress Awareness Day Found By?
  • A. Carole Spiers
  • B. Britany Spears
  • C. Annie Spiers
  • D. Fraser Spiers

What Causes Stress?

You can get stressed for three main reasons. They are as follows:

Stressful Events and Trauma

Any chronic illness or injury will result in stress, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, panic attacks, guilt, and low self-esteem. In the long run, this can induce suicidal thoughts or the intention to hurt oneself. People often try to get over mental pain by inflicting physical pain.

Good Stress

Scientists call stress caused by happiness as eustress. Happiness can be stressful when your hormones begin to surge while your pulse picks itself up. Stress that is induced by happiness and excitement with the lack of fear is called good stress.

Stress Caused by No Reason

Overthinking, always expecting things to go wrong, imagining bad stuff, and worrying about the future are the common reasons for no reason stress. These reasons cannot be identified easily and require a lot of effort to control the wandering mind.

How to Deal With Stress?

The common treatment for stress is to find out the reason behind it, accept that reason, and take progressive steps to deal with it efficiently. 

Progressive steps usually include meditating, relaxing physically and mentally, taking a break from stressful stuff, finding a balance between professional and personal life. It’s important to take care of yourself, be aware of the changes that happen from within. 

Every individual must understand that it is okay to seek help and it is okay to be wrong to deal with stressful situations. Picking hobbies and attending self-help groups are the best way to overcome stressful situations.

How to Reduce Stress Psychology?

Stress can be reduced by eating well and creating healthy routines. Doctors often suggest individuals identify triggers to manage stress. While psychological understanding and help are essential, medication is the last resort.

National Stress Awareness Day

The National Stress Awareness Day is recognized on the first Wednesday of November every year. April is observed as the National Stress Awareness month every year. Carole Spiers, the Chair of the International Stress Management Association, founded this event in 1998. People use the color Lavendar to observe this day.


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