Netflix Secret Codes to Quickly Access Your Favorite Shows

Elmira | 03 - 23 - 2021

You will be surprised to find that Netflix contains a list of hidden content that doesn’t show up on a laptop or mobile homepage. Luckily, Netflix has secret codes that you can use to watch your favorite genre shows and movies that you wanted to watch.

Netflix Secret Codes That You May Not Be Aware of

Netflix consists of several secret codes that you can use to fetch shows and movies based on genres—wondering how to get more movies on Netflix? Or curious to find Netflix’s hidden categories? 

Does Netflix Have a Secret Code for Romantic Movies?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No

Whether you want to watch anime, horror movies, or romantic movies, you will get your precious shows if you know these secret Netflix codes.

Scroll down to uncover these Netflix genre codes to find your favorite shows.

Christmas Family and Children Movies: 1474017

If you are looking for some Christmas movies you can use code 1474017.

Age-Wise Netflix Hidden Movies Codes For Kids

Children’s movies genre may have various things, including cartoons, animation, Disney, educational, and romantic movies. The best way to let your children enjoy watching Netflix is to learn the particular code which is created to fetch the age-wise movies for kids.

Age between 0-2 Years-6796

Age between 3-4 years- 6218

Age between 5-7- 5455

Age between 8-10- 561

Age between 11-12- 6962

Kid’s Education Related:10659

TV cartoons Movies or Shows: 11177

Romantic Christmas films: 1394527

Use this code to get all the romantic Christmas movies.

Documentaries to Binge on Netflix

Are you looking for the best documentaries on Netflix? If you are a Netflix user, you might have known there is no specific title or term to search for a specific documentary other than a documentary that makes it more challenging to find what you are searching for. But Netflix’s hidden categories codes help find what documentaries interest you the most.

Sports-related documentaries: 180

Crime related documentaries: 9875

Biographical related documentaries: 3652

Military related documentaries: 4006

Music and concert related documentaries: 90361

Travel & Adventure related Documentaries: 1159

Historical related documentaries: 5349

Religious related documentaries: 10005

Romantic Movies to Watch on Netflix

Search for romantic or rom-com movies using Netflix secret codes and have a great time with your loved one. In romantic movies, everyone has different tastes, and some people prefer rom-com or some people like pure romance. Get the perfect romantic movie using our Netflix hidden categories codes.

Rom-com movies: 5475

Steamy romance Movies: 35800

Quirky romance Films: 36103

Romantic drama movies: 1255

Romance favorites: 502675

Horror Movies Available to Stream

If you are a fan of the scariest movies, Netflix offers a wide selection of horror movies for a spooky evening. Netflix genre codes will be cherry on the top for those who only love the genre horror to stream and scream!

Satanic story based movies: 6998

Teen Horror Movies: 52147

Supernatural horror Films: 42023

Vampire horror Films: 75804

Netflix’s Action and Adventure Movies

Do you know all the action movies that are streaming on Netflix? Find the best action and adventure movies on Netflix by using Netflix categories codes. Some people want to escape from the world and want to dive into the comic worlds like DC & Marvel world to live the moments.

Comic book and superhero films: 10118

Military action and adventure movies: 2125

Spy action and adventure films: 10702

Crime action and adventure movies: 9584

Best Comedies to Binge on Netflix

No one can say that they don’t like comedy movies. Everyone finds something when it comes to comedy. Browse through Netflix‘s all-comical movies using these Netflix hidden codes.

All comedies: 6548

Slapstick Comedies movies: 10256

Cult Comedies Movies 9434

Stand-up comedy: 11559

For Mockumentaries: 26

Action Comedy movies: 43040

Anime Comedy movies:9302

Teen comedies movies and shows: 3519

Dramas Netflix Codes

Netflix delivers immersive drama shows and movies to those who are a fan of dramas.

We have put together some of the best Netflix category codes to fetch all dramas.

All Dramas: 5763

Dramas Based On Books:4961

Military Dramas: 11

Sports Dramas: 7243

Teen Dramas: 9299

Dramas Based On Real Life: 3653

Political Dramas: 6616

Romantic Dramas:1255

LGBT dramas: 500

Sports dramas: 7243

Biographical related dramas: 3179

Musicals Related Shows and Movies

Surprisingly Netflix offers something for theatre nerds and music lovers. Explore a wide range of musical movies to have a great time.

Musical Films: 13335

All music: 1701

Kids music: 52843

Hence it is proved that Netflix offers a vast collection of movies and shows to meet everybody’s favorite genre.

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