Netflix’s Squid Game: Why It Becomes a Must-Watch Series?

Elmira | 07 - 13 - 2023
Netflix’s Squid Game

Squid Game turned out to be a sensation, and social media is flooded with its story.

By topping Netflix’s most-watched series charts, the biggest non-English show Squid Game becomes the Internet’s new favorite. The Netflix Korea original drama is the hot topic in social media with the hashtag #Squidgame, and TikTok has been watched over 22.8 billion times. How did the dark Korean survival series-Squid Game become the most popular Netflix shows in a few weeks? Read the blog to uncover everything about Netlifx’s Squid Game.

Netflix New Shows 2021- Squid Game

Who Directed Squid Game?
  • A. Im Kwon-taek
  • B. Na Hong-jin
  • C. Bela Bajaria
  • D. Kim Ki-young

What is the most-watched show on Netflix? The South Korean horror series, Squid Game is not only becoming the most-watched series but also known as the most talked-about series. The show contains nine episodes, is a survival drama, and has the most Netflix views worldwide. The Netflix Korean drama dropped on September 17, 2021, and ranks on top in Netflix’s drama lists in all 83 countries where Netflix provides its streaming services. The co-CEO of Netflix Ted Sarandos said during the Code 2021 that is an annual technology summit held in Calorida that Squid Game becomes the biggest show in Netflix’s history in any language.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin posted on Twitter that “Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos and the team at Netflix get it right so often.” “Their internationalization strategy isn’t easy, and they’re making it work.” He said their work is inspiring and impressive.

Netflix’s Squid Game Is Popular: Here’s Why

  • The survival thriller is set in modern-day Seol, where people end up playing simple children’s games to win the money prize or even die while trying. The series creator Dong-hyuk started working on the script in 2008, now it is finally a series. In this game, more than 400 individuals are in debt. They are invited to play the mysterious game where they are forced to risk their lives to win a $38.5 million prize. 
  • This genre is new but it gained popularity because of its excellent concept. The show is not only about survival, the series also focuses on social-economic inequality, exploitation, underclass desperation, and the deterioration of humanity’s moral fiber.
  • Kdramas are popular all over the world. But Squid Game can bring a new start and motivate people to introduce some new non-English dramas.
  • Another reason is, every character in the Squid Game has an engaging backstory. For example, there is a character who is unemployed with a gambling issue who wants to gain respect from his family. Many critics believe the show gains popularity because of its characters.
  • Every show’s heart is the episode’s narration that decides whether the audience will stay and continue watching all of the episodes or not. Squid Game can offer episodes that keep you on the edge of your couch. For example, you will die if you do not follow the rules in the game.

Squid Games Facts That You May Not Know

  • The Squid Game was originally called ‘Round Six’.
  • Dong-hyuk started working on the script of the show over a decade ago. He completed the first draft in 2009. It took nearly six months to complete the first two episodes alone.
  • The players’ room walls have doodles that show the games. They are covered with beds and have clues that help see players where games will be played.
  • Squid Game was originally created as a film.
  • The eerie oversized doll that appeared in the first episode of the show is real. The doll can be seen in Jincheon County, North of Seoul. The doll was borrowed to use in the show.
  • The phone number used in the first episode of the series is also real.

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