Stephen Amell’s New Wrestling Show Heels Has Cast a Major WWE Superstar

Elmira | 02 - 08 - 2021
Stephen Amell and CMPunk

See who’s back! Reportedly, a major former talent of WWE star will be joining Stephen Amell’s Starz series. He is getting back into the ring after a long time. Amell announced on Twitter that the Heels TV show will have CM Punk. You can even see the photo of the two in which Punk was standing in the ring with a former Arrow star. 

Amell wrote,

“Please welcome @CMPunkto@HeelsSTARZ— He was a little rusty in the ring yesterday, but I assured him it was just like riding a bike.”

Who Is the Best Heel in WWE?
  • A. Triple H
  • B. CM Punk
  • C. Randy Orton
  • D. All of the Above

Punk aka Phil Brooks suddenly quit WWE in 2014 that was the unexpected breakup with the organization. He promised that he never got into wrestling again. He moved to a new career in the UFC and began his acting profession. Punk took part in the WWE-adjacent program, WWE Backstage and he kept his promise and stayed away from the WWE ring.

Many of his fans were predicting that his appearance in the show could encourage him to make an official return to professional wrestling. Fans also believe that the timing of the announcement was totally intentional.

One report of claimed that Punk actually reviewed Stephen Amell’s role that may help involved in wrestling. The ex-wrestler was one of the most notable heels of WWE. He has more than a decade and a half of experience across various wrestling organizations.

CM Punk was a legend in WWE and contracted with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2005. He received the WWE Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship once each, and the World Heavyweight Championship three times. It’s been more than 6 years since he left WWE.

Stephen Amell’s New Show: Heels:

Stephen Amell Heels is a drama series, based on two brothers, one character is a heel(bad guy) and the other one is a good guy. The show may talk about a small wrestling promotion in Georgia, where two wrestlers need to compete in a war to take over the late father’s wrestling promotion. It is still unknown what CM Punk’s role will be on the Heels. He performed well in acting recently. CM Punk can guide how wrestling works and can be a technical adviser for the show.

Aren’t you curious to know What is Punk’s role will be on the show? Are you excited to see him involved in wrestling again? You will get to know once the show producer officially declares!

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