Take a Beach Vacation If You Get at Least Half of the Questions Right

Elmira | 09 - 18 - 2020
Take the Ultimate Beach Quiz

Whether you’re dreaming of summer vacation, Valentine’s day getaway, the ultimate surf, or spending time at home to dream up the tour of a lifetime, these top beaches are always a great idea. Who doesn’t want to visit heavenly beaches on the planet?

If you love traveling we have got something for you. We’ve rounded up the most stunning beaches in the world with some mind-blowing information. Before you plan for a tour, you need to take this fun beach quiz to see how brilliant you are!

1. This Beach Has Been Chosen Thrice as the World’s Best. It Is Located on a Small Island, Brazil.
  • A. Copacabana
  • B. Baia do Sancho
  • C. Lopes Mendes
  • D. Praia do Espelho
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