Take This Car Logo Quiz to Know the Importance of Logos

Ashley | 03 - 15 - 2021

Have you had those moments where a super cool car zoomed right past you, maybe the driver gave a wink or a thumbs-up? 

Do you remember the one car that got you to become a gearhead, the hours you bored others on how enticing the car looked, describing how smoothly it glided down the road like butter?

If yes, you must also recall the first thing you did after coming back home. Yes, I am talking about how you scribbled a picture of a random car and then proceeded to draw its logo neatly, or maybe you searched the symbol online to identify the car and took a quick printout. 

This Company Holds the Record for Producing the Fastest Electric Car.
  • A. Trident
  • B. Tesla
  • C. Tata
  • D. Toyota

Most of us would have hung that image somewhere in our room, promising to buy the very same car once we start earning. 

That’s how important a logo can be for a car. It creates a sense of knowledge among the public about its existence, can be used as a method of advertising. A good logo gives a company its uniqueness and personal identity along with reliability.

The human brain is programmed in such a way that visual representations have more impact on our decision-making ability than precise knowledge about the matter. This is the reason why car companies concentrate more on producing a car with better design, finish, and overall look rather than giving a mind-blowing difference in specs.

Here is a list of famous car logos that you would have seen on the road often, but do you know their names or only recognize the symbol?

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