Ten Most Important Inventions That Are Still Popular Today

Elmira | 09 - 19 - 2021
most important inventions

Can you imagine living without a mobile phone, Internet, or electric light? Don’t underestimate the power of inventions. Some of the inventions still play an important role, and we can not imagine a life without them. The main purpose of inventions is to make our life easy, comfortable, and time-saving. These important inventions help advance in technology, help create new jobs, and maintain a quality of life. 

Most Important Inventions That Are Still Vital in Modern Life

Several inventions have changed our daily life and can make you feel lifeless if they have vanished from your life. We clubbed the most important inventions of all time, scroll down to find all-time favorite inventions.

Who Was the First to Discover Electricity?
  • A. Liam Franklin
  • B. Benjamin Franklin
  • C. William Franklin
  • D. James Franklin

Light Bulb

Earlier, with sunlight, human productivity was limited. Before the invention of the light bulb, people were restricted to work during the daytime. Or They used lamps, candles to work a little longer. The Electric bulb has changed the human’s lifestyle. Thanks to Thomas Edison who is credited for introducing live-changing invention-electric bulbs that still help people to run their business and do their important activities even at night.


How has the telephone changed our lives? Telephones make it easier to communicate with people who live far away from you. Whether it’s personal or business, the telephone plays a significant role to stay connected through calls. Earlier, people used Telegram to communicate which took many days to deliver the message. The invention of the telephone allowed people to stay in touch with their loved ones. Now people can make a call through smartphones.

The Airplane

The airplane is considered the most influential invention of the 20th century. The Wright brothers were credited for inventing the world’s first successful motor-operated airplane. Within a year, airplanes were used for transport, wars, and even landed on the moon. Airplanes make our transportation easier and more comfortable compared to trains and buses. Traveling by airplane can reduce travel time and is ideal for emergency travel.


Concrete is one of the most essential building materials. The origin of concrete dates back to 600 BC. The Ancient Romans were credited for introducing concrete. They were the first to use this material. In 200 BC, they started constructing buildings with concrete. For many decades, concrete has been evolved, but still plays a vital role in construction. It is commonly used to provide strength, versatility, and durability to the building. Hence, concrete remains the long-lasting choice when it comes to construction.


Petroleum or gasoline is a petroleum-derived flammable liquid that is mainly used to run some sorts of heat engines. Petrol still plays a major role in transportation, electricity generation, and material production.


Satellites allow in-flight phone communication. They allow people to see a large area of the Earth’s surface. They gather data more quickly than devices on the Earth. Satellites can show Earth’s surface better than a telescope. Satellites are still used to give data and services to maintain global communications, the security, economy and emergency and safety management, the environment, and health.

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is one of the important inventions that are widely used in homes and businesses. It is the best tool to clean carpeted floors, upholstery, furniture, and other surfaces in your house or other places.


The refrigerator is another important invention that allows people to store food for longer periods and help maintain a healthier and well-balanced diet. People largely use refrigerators to keep foods cool and stay fresh longer.


A camera is a device that helps record an image of an object. It is one of the most important gadgets to capture special moments and preserve memories. Nowadays, photography has become one of the most valued jobs in the world. From the red carpets to weddings, cameras can be seen on every special occasion.


The Global Positioning System (GPS) was mainly invented to map forests, navigate airplane pilots and help farmers in harvesting. Currently, GPS is used to determine location, to navigate one place to another, observing activity or object, mapping and measuring precise time. 

The Internet

As technological growth is increasing, the Internet plays a vital role in daily life. It is effective mass media communication. The internet binds computers, businesses, and people. The Internet is widely used to send electronic mail, download files, research, communicate with friends, play interactive games, study, for friendship and dating.


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