The Best 10 New Year’s Eve Song Playlist

Elmira | 12 - 18 - 2020
The Best 10 New Year's Eve Song Playlist

It is time to ring in the New Year with a big smile, food, toast the wonderful friends, and fun music! 2020 was filled with ups and downs. The moment has arrived to say goodbye and end on a good note.

Good music gives good vibes. To set the right mood this New Year, we have rounded up the best songs for New Years’ eve party. These New Years Eve music is perfect for before, during, and after the midnight countdown. Whether you prefer timeless classics or the latest hits, we have got something for everyone. Let’s get started!

10 New Years Eve Playlists to Play While the Ball Drops

Here is the list of the best songs for the New Years Eve party!

Which Song Was Re-Written by Mariah Carey?
  • A. This Will Be Our Year
  • B. Auld Lang Syne
  • C. Celtic New Year
  • D. One More Time

“New Year’s Day” by Taylor Swift

Looking for something peaceful and soothing? If you want to create the vibe of sweet and romantic, just play Taylor Swift’s song. It is one of the best New Year Eve songs to create a good mood. 

“Auld Lang Syne – The New Year’s Anthem” by Mariah Carey

The New Year’s Anthem is the perfect song to be sung at midnight on December 31st. You should add this traditional song by an American singer, Mariah Carey to your New Year’s Eve songs list. 

The original song was written by Robert Burns, Marian Carey introduced the dance-pop version of it in the 21st century.

“Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande 

Embrace Ariana’s 2018 ode to moving on and moving forward is the perfect song to listen to while entering 2021.

Ariana’s astounding fun pop song will help to say thank you to this chaotic 2020 and cheer you up to enter the New Year. Include this song that makes you feel grateful for what you have gained from the past year. What other reasons are you looking for to add this song to your New Year’s playlist?

“Countdown” by Beyonce

Beyoncé’s 2011 track is perfect to spice that moment as you countdown to New Year at midnight. “My baby is a ten / We dressing to the nine / He pick me up, we eight / Make me feel so lucky, seven,” Beyoncé sings.

“Firework” by Katy Perry

Fireworks represent celebration, you can’t say no to Katy Perry’s sizzling single this New Year. Enjoy the 4-minute women empowerment. Add this song to your New Years playlist.

“Let’s Start The New Year Right” by Bing Crosby

“One minute to midnight

One minute to go

One minute to say good-bye

Before we say hello”

You should add this song before the clock ticks at 12 on December 31.

 “1999” by Prince                 

It is an accurate song to play while celebrating the New Year and seize the moment. The song will make you realize, you should make tonight the best night ever as if the world ends tomorrow. Put your worries aside and ring in 2021 with a cheerful mood.

“New Rules,” by Dua Lipa

Still not get over your previous relationship? Get yourself ready to follow these “ New Rules” by Dua Lipa. Ring in 2021 with this phenomenal female empowerment anthem.

“Funky New Year” by The Eagles

Reserve yourself with The Eagles’ holiday song “Funky New Year”, it will bring the festive vibe.

“My Dear Acquaintance” by Regina Spektor

You will love to hear this glorious song which is accompanied by the piano. Add this charming tune to your New Years’’ Eve playlist right away!


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