The Best-Selling Female Artist of All Time

Ashley | 06 - 09 - 2021

The best-selling female artist of all time to hold a Guinness record is Madonna. She sold more than 300 million records and albums, with “You Can Dance” being the best of her creations. 

Fun-Facts About Madonna 

  1. Madonna dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer 
  2. She was a cheerleader at her high school
  3. She drummed for “Breakfast Club’
  4. She has won the Golden Globe Award
  5. Madonna has Italian ancestry
  6. She broke with Sean Penn on New Year Eve
  7. A species of tardigrades are named after Madonna
  8. There is a collectible wine named after her
  9. She has published 10 books
  10. H&M has a clothing line created by her
  11. She fears thunder
  12. She worked in Dunkin Donuts
  13. Madonna turned down a star in Hollywood Walk of Fame
  14. Her first solo tour was supported by Beastie Boys
  15. Madonna was one among People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Person,” “Most Intriguing Person,” and “Worst Dressed Person”

Who Has Sold the Most Albums?

Though Madonna holds the Guinness record for the top-selling female artists of all time worldwide, Mariah Carey is the top-selling female artist.  

Fun Facts About Mariah Carey

  1. Carey was named after the song “They Call the Wind Mariah.”
  2. She is a cosmetologist
  3. Her nickname in school was “Mirage,” while fans call her “Lambily.”
  4. “One Sweet Day” is the longest-running #1 song by a female in history
  5. “Obsession” was written for Eminen

Most Successful Female Singer

Madonna and Mariah Carey may be the best-selling female artists, but Barbara Streisand has more #1 selling songs and albums to her name, making her one of the highest-paid female singers in the world. 

Who Is the Biggest Selling Female Artist of All Time
  • A. Madonna
  • B. Annie Lenox
  • C. Kate Bush
  • D. Dianna Ross

Fun Facts About Barbara Streisand

  1. Chess player Bobby Fischer was her “peculiar and sexy” crush
  2. A PTA meeting was her first stage
  3. She felt outcasted at school and had stage fright
  4. Streisand is called the “Mother of Pop”
  5. She dated Justin Trudeau’s dad and was on President Nixon’s enemies list

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