The Correct Pronunciation of Brand Names

Maithily A | 08 - 10 - 2020
The Correct Pronunciation of Brand Names

Ever wondered if you pronounce brand names correctly? Brands dominate the fashion, automobile, watch, mobile, and the luxury industry. However, sometimes in conversation, people are not sure how to pronounce them and you hear all kinds of personalized variations based on native languages and regions. Most often, the brand’s origin is not the country you are from and hence it gets mixed up. So, how to pronounce brand names? Is there a trick you can follow?

Imagine, if you are in a group of people and mistakenly mispronounce a word that most of them know the correct pronunciation. There are a few who tell you the correct brand name pronunciation and others might be giggling inside. This is a very common scenario! If friends approach you to find how to pronounce fashion brand name or how to pronounce the luxury brand name, you must really be a brand expert!

According to psychology, politicians with difficult names had more trouble in polls and harder to pronounce brand names made people less likely to purchase stocks. Because people often associate with information that is simple, clear and has positive qualities. Should you pronounce something the original way or adapt to the local surroundings? The choice of ‘what to say’ belongs to you. However, it doesn’t hurt to know the proper pronunciation of a brand name.

1. Can You Pronounce This Famous Mobile Brand Correctly?
  • A. Sam-Sung
  • B. Sam-Song
  • C. Saam-Sung
  • D. Samm-Sing

Nike (Ni-KEY), Montblanc (MON-blaun), Adidas (Aah-dee-das), Porsche (Por-shaa), Amazon (Ama-zun), Adobe (Uh-Doe-be), Asus (A-Seuss), to name a few are the most constantly mispronounced brand names all the time.

Let’s see if you are a brand expert. Take this quiz to check if you know the correct pronunciation of brand names.

So, how many did you get right?

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