The Invention of Mobile Phones: Uncover Important Facts

Elmira | 02 - 21 - 2022
History of mobile phones

Invention of Mobile Phones:

Can you imagine a day without a cell phone? But did you know that initially cell phones were launched to talk? From taking selfies to playing online games, cellphones play a vital role in our lives. Cell phones were originally invented to use while driving.  It was originally called a “car phone” and was  cumbersome, pricey, and heavy compared to today’s mobile phones. If you are curious about the invention of mobile phones, take our engaging trivia questions to expand your knowledge.

History of Mobile Phones

Scroll down to uncover these inspiring facts about the invention of mobile phones.

  • The world’s first portable cell phone was introduced by Motorola in 1973 and commercialized in 1983. The mobile cost around $4,000 and people could talk for 30 minutes before dying. The estimated dimensions of the mobile were 22.86 cm length, 12.7 cm height, 4.44 cm width, and weighed 1.1 kg.
  • Earlier, cell phones were mainly created to talk and also featured voicemail. Eventually, manufacturers realized that cell phones could be upgraded with new features.
  • The first cellular network with analog technology was introduced in Japan in 1979 by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. 
  • Comedian Ernie Wise was the first person to make a public mobile phone call in the UK from the Dickens Pub in St. Katherine’s dock to Vodafone’s headquarter.
  • The world’s first SMS was sent in the UK in 1992. Neil Papworth created a message service for Vodafone. The text message read “Merry Christmas.”
  • In 1994, IBM introduced the Simon featuring a touchscreen, the earliest version of what we call today as ‘apps.’ It cost touchscreen and operated in 15 states in the United States.
  • In 1996, the first phone launched with a slider form factor, the Nokia 8110.
  • The full-color display launched in 2001 with the Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse
  • The first camera phone called the Nokia 7650 was launched in 2002.
  • The first generation iPhone was introduced in June 2007.
  • The first android phone, known as the G1 was launched in 2008, featuring a touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard.
  • Fingerprint scanning was introduced in 2013 on the iPhone 5S via the touch button.
  • In 2019, the United States and the UK introduced 5G network, initial indications point to real-world
  • The UK & US begin to deploy a 5G network, and data transfer speeds would be 10 times faster than 4G.


When Was 5G Launched in the USA?
  • A. 2001
  • B. 2019
  • C. 2002
  • D. 2004
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