The Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World For Every Occasion

Ashley | 09 - 28 - 2021
Most Beautiful Restaurants

Do you know these most beautiful restaurants in the world and what they offer for their guests? Take a grand tour to marvel at their beautiful architecture and get to know what it would take to visit them below. 

What Makes a Good Restaurant Design?

The ten important sections of the restaurant should pay heed to easy navigation, privacy, comfortable walking space for staff and customers, provide privacy, ample ventilation/lighting, and be free of external noise.

Architectural Restaurants

Definitely a big no for first dates. Restaurants with great architecture are your go-to choice for a romantic rendezvous on a third date night or if you are about to propose to your better half. Here are restaurants with the best interior designs you can visit as a grand gesture :

Which Is the Best Restaurant in the World 2021?
  • A. Noma, Copenhagen
  • B. VEA, Korea
  • C. Atelier, Crenn
  • D. Arpege, Paris
  • Turandot, Moscow, Russia

Take your King or Queen for a dinner date at a palatial restaurant. This Moscow restaurant oozes luxury everywhere, from velvet seats, frescoed ceilings to gold accents. Feast all your senses to the fullest in Russia.

  • Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Diani Beach, Kenya

Beach candle night dinners are too old school. This Kenya restaurant is carved inside a 120,000 to 180,000-year-old cave and survives on candle lights and star lights. The impeccable cuisine and the open skies up above promise nothing but a forever. 

  • Ristorante La Sponda, Positano, Italy
    A lit bit of nature, a little bit of architecture, a little bit of urbanity, and a lot of tasty food make this restaurant a must-visit on our list. Dinner is served under roofs covered with vines, ceiling-length arched glass windows, and the rooftop view of Positano town. 

Modern Restaurant Building

Copenhagen, Denmark has been the restaurant capital of the world for years with impeccable styles and out-of-the-box interiors. Here are 3  modern restaurant designs that will add a niche to your trip or a meeting. 

  • Lyst

Situated just outside the city of Aarhus, Lyst is designed by Olafur Eliasson along with architect Sebastian Behmann and screams gesamtkunstwerk in every nook and corner. With a tasting menu priced at a staggering $280, the three conjoined towers with conical windows have surpassed the standards set by Noma and Geranium.

  • Alchemist 

The future is here, bewitch yourself with splendid views of space and lab-like kitchens. A 50-course meal served over a span of six hours in five rooms completely devoid of natural light has redefined dining.

  • Barr

Noma moved and Barr found the perfect spot to perch itself. The Nordic chef, Thorsten Schmidt, exceeded expectations and the praises received by Noma by creating a restaurant that serves Denmark on a plate. Apart from meatballs and beer, you can get anything you want and it will taste like a happily ever after.

These restaurants may not compete on the “ Best Restaurant Architecture Design” list but they will definitely make your anniversaries, group outings, or solo trips a fond memory.

  • The Modern Toilet

Sizzlers served in toilet closets like pots and seats made of real latrine closets is the theme of this restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, China.

  • Robot Restaurant  

Healthy food, half-naked girls grooving with robots in a dark room with strobe lights, wild beats guarantee unlimited fun for your bachelor party.

  • Undersea Restaurant

Thinking about a honeymoon in the Maldives? You shouldn’t miss this undersea restaurant in Ithaa. Immerse yourself into a blue lagoon filled with tropical fish as you dine.  


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