The Most Unforgettable Natural Disasters in Ohio

Maithily A | 08 - 28 - 2020
The Most Unforgettable Natural Disasters in Ohio

Ohio is a destination for thrill-seekers, families, culture buffs, and foodies. It’s the seventh most populous and the tenth densely populated State. Did you know, the most common natural disasters in Ohio include floods, tornadoes, winter storms, power outages, landslides, and severe storms? Wildfires, tropical storms, and extreme heat are not very commonly noted as Ohio natural disasters. Between 1953 to 2019, Ohio has declared 57 major disasters. 

1913 – The Great Flood

After several days of heavy rainfall, major rivers in the eastern and central United States flooded. Ohio and 12 other states suffered a four-day long flood that resulted in extensive damage and death. 

1937- Ohio River Flood

The Ohio River flooded due to the great depression in late January 1937. It caused huge damage to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. 

1. Which Event Does a Violently Rotating Column of Air Extending from a Thunderstorm to the Ground Cause?
  • A. Drought
  • B. Tornado
  • C. Earthquake
  • D. Hurricane

1950- Appalachian Storm

The large extra topical cyclone moved through the United States causing heavy rainfall in the east of Appalachians and western slopes. Ohio experienced dreadful conditions with a report of snowfall of 44 inches in November 1950. The state experienced at least 10 inches of snowfall. 

1965 – Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak

Ohio was just one of the other states that suffered this disaster. It was the third deadliest tornado in the United States which caused 47 tornados in 12 hours. 

1969- Cuyahoga River Fire

This was reported as one of the unexpected natural disasters in Ohio. The river caught fire for two to four hours as a result of oil-soaked debris. Since then, river pollution has been taken quite seriously in Ohio. 

1978 – The Great Blizzard

The winter storm known as ‘The white hurricane’ struck the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes for 3 days in January 1978. During this blizzard, Ohio Turnpike was shut down for the first time and the Michigan National Guard was called in to assist stranded road crews and motorists.

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