The Ultimate U.S. State Flags Quiz

Ashley | 04 - 11 - 2021
U.S. State Flags

The U.S. is a vast country famous for having all five climate zones from tropical, dry, temperate, continental to polar. Here is a list of interesting facts and a U.S. State Flags Quiz for you:

  1. America was under British rule from 1607 – 1783, and the union of states was formed as a result of the revolution against the British. 
  2. Colors in the American flag symbolizes each; Red for hardiness and valor, white for innocence and purity, blue for perseverance, vigilance, and justice.
  3. America had 27 flag changes before settling on the current flag 50 years ago.
  4. The federal government owns 1/3rd of the US landmass.
  5. Foreign investors own another part of America’s land.
  6. The current iteration of the U.S Flag was designed by a high school student.
  7. Approximately 43 million Americans identify their ancestors as Germans.
  8. Over half of the American population lives in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina.
  9. The American flag has 50 stars denoting its 50 states, while there is a dispute that there are 52 states.
  10.  Every state flag symbolizes regional benefits, their history, and principal present in the said state. Take the United States flag quiz now to see if your state flag is there.
  11. Americans are known to be the most patriotic individuals in the world, and I bet this U.S. state flags quiz will test your patriotism.
  12. Americans are known to show off their flags in the form of outfits and this practice is not common in other parts of the world.
  13. American athletes have won more medals in the Olympics than any other nation.
  14. America has won more Nobel prizes than any other nation.
  15. Even though America is highly populated, it is also home to a lot of flora and fauna. Moreover, it stands fourth in the green cover ratio.

Though the state flags have gone through several changes since the day they were created, you can be assured that only the current flags are portrayed in these state flag games.

It is found that most American’s believe that “Individuals control their own success in life.” So put all those beliefs in and play this U.S flags quiz.

This Is the Most Populated State in the U.S.
  • A. California
  • B. Alaska
  • C. Montana
  • D. Wyoming
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