The Unknown History of the United States Marine Corps

Ashley | 11 - 05 - 2021
The United States Marine Corps History

Find out the history, significance, and interesting facts about the United States Marine Corps now! Get to know everything special about this terrific unit.

History of the Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is a special unit dedicated to defending the country in all sectors. They are specially trained for fighting on air, land, and water. These units serve as a quick reaction force or the spearhead of the US military. They are trained as first responders to any crisis that will require military attention. Apart from military operations, the marines are responsible for safeguarding the US embassies across the world.

The Marine Corps established the Toys for Tots program, and the mission has distributed around 584 million toys. They also award civilians with the ‘Honorary Marines’ award for their valuable contribution to the USMC. 

What Is a Nickname for a Marine?
  • A. Bullet Catcher
  • B. Grunt
  • C. Devil Dog
  • D. All of the Above

They are one of the toughest US military forces. Do you know that every single marine must learn martial arts? The US Marine Corps Day ball ends with the ceremonious cake cutting, a tradition followed since 1937

How Old Is the Marine Corps?

They will be 246 years old in 2021. Captain Samuel Nicholas founded the United States Marine Corps in 1775 during the Revolutionary War. They became an official part of the US military on 10th November 1775. The USMC birthplace is situated at Tun Tavern on Water Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were temporarily abolished due to cost cuts and came back into existence on 11th July 1798.

The Marine Corps motto is ‘Semper Fidelis, ’ meaning always faithful. Their logo symbolizes an eagle, a globe, and an anchor representing their area of expertise and power. The Ethos of the USMC is honor, courage, and commitment. 

Marines Corps Background

The Marine Corps has contributed first or been a part of first contributors in various wars fought by America since 1775. The Devil Dogs were birthed as the continental marines and have defended the US in victorious wars like the Vietnam War, Korean War, Iwo Jima, World War, etc. 

The Iwo Jima war is considered the bloodiest of all, and 27 soldiers were awarded medals and honors post their victory. The USMC has never been defeated nor has surrendered in any of its battles to date. Do you know that each marine carries $14000 worth of gear daily while being the smallest unit of the US military? 

The National Security Act of 1947 explains the three primary responsibilities of the US marine. 

  • Seizure or defense of naval bases and land operations to support naval campaigns
  • The development of tactics and equipment to conduct amphibious landings in conjunction with the Army and Air Force
  • Other duties as directed by the President or DoD.


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