Top Facts About Vegetable Orchestra

Iris | 12 - 16 - 2021
Vegetable Orchestra

You might have heard about the famous orchestras like flute, drums, piano, and violins. But, have you ever heard about vegetable orchestras? Get to know the healthy facts about the vegetable orchestra here through our blog. Also, don’t forget to play our vegetable instruments quiz to discover more unknown features.

10 Vegetable Orchestra Fun Facts You Never Heard Before

  • Vegetable Orchestra is an Austrian musical group that uses fresh vegetables as their musical instruments. This kind of vegetable orchestra is also known as the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra or Das erste Wiener GemüseOrchester. 
  • The Vegetable Orchestra was founded in February 1998 in Vienna, consists of ten musicians, one cook, and also one sound technician. 
  • The members of the musical group are all active in various artistic areas like trained musicians, designers, architects, media artists, sculptors, and sound poets. They all work and train together to carry out their project.
  • Over the past 21 years, the group has performed more than 300 shows around the world. From classical with cabbage to techno with turnips, they performed everything. 
  • This famous Orchestra has also released their fourth album recently. It was a huge success after their successful campaign “Krautfunding” also known as “herb-funding.” This group has shown the world that they can actually play music with vegetables.
  • When compared to traditional instruments, these vegetable instruments won’t last long. So, the group has to create new instruments every time they want to play.
  • During the morning of the show, the orchestra group will head to the local fresh market with a detailed list (carrots, parsnips, cabbages, celery, peppers, turnip, cucumber, pumpkin and eggplant) to shop for the vegetables. 
  • The musicians carve, slice and drill the vegetables into performance-ready instruments. Once the veggies are turned into instruments, they will last about six hours only. And the remaining vegetables will be boiled down into a soup and served to the audience after the show.
  • Just like traditional wooden orchestra instruments, the larger the vegetable instrument, the lower the sound is. 

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