Top 10 Amazing Beach Destinations for Vacations in 2022

Elmira | 10 - 16 - 2021
Beach destination for 2022

Beaches are all about big, crashing waves, creating a spectacular scene.

Nothing can surprise your loved one than booking a holiday at the beach destination. Have you dreamt of traveling to your favorite beach spots post lockdown? Beaches are unique, beautiful and you can spend a good time watching sunrise or sunset. Not every country is blessed with beaches. Hence people love to explore different beach destinations. Looking for a sun-kissed spot? Due to the pandemic, many people’s travel plans have changed or been canceled. Here is the good news, several destinations have already begun to welcome tourists with ease restrictions. If you are searching for the best beach spots, we got you covered. We have clubbed some handpicked best places to travel after covid to spend your best vacation with your family.

Ten Best Beach Destinations to Visit in 2022 That Will Take Your Breath Away

What Island Has Flamingos?
  • A. Maldives
  • B. Seychelles
  • C. Aruba
  • D. Bali

Scroll down to pick your favorite beach destination to have the most enjoyable travel experience.

Santa Monica Beach-California

Santa Monica Beach is one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists. What are you waiting for? Book your favorite hotel in California to enjoy doing activities like surfing, beach volleyball, rollerblading, skateboarding, and do not miss the spectacular sunsets.

Copacabana Beach- Brazil

If you want to enjoy surfing with perfect waves, then Copacabana Beach is the place for you. Not only is it one of the best beaches in the world, but it also has breathtaking scenery. Add this place to your travel bucket list in 2021 to make your vacation more memorable and amusing.

South Beach, Miami, Florida

South Beach is famous because it is a neighborhood of Miami Beach. Visit this spectacular beach to get soaked in water and sand. You can also experience the world-famous nightlife, art galleries, and first-class hotels to enjoy every second of staying there.

Renaissance Island, Aruba

Renaissance Island is home to Aruba’s most stunning private beach- Flamingo Beach. On this beautiful island, tourists can visit the Papagayo Bar & Grill and the Mangrove Beach Bar to get the best travel experience.

Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

It is one of the most famous beaches in the world and the US. If you are looking for the best beach with live music, nightlife, restaurants, and shops. You should pick Waikiki Beach.

Grace Bay Beach-Providenciales

If you want to experience the dose of luxury in the Caribbean, Grace Bay Beach is the only place for you. You can see a big barrier reef located offshore. The water is perfect for snorkeling.

Saint Pete Beach-Florida-US

With its clear white sand, crystal clear water, and many cafes and luxury hotels to stay in, there is no surprise that Saint Pete Beach is one of the best beach destinations in the world. What else do you need to do to make it one of the amazing destinations for vacations in 2022?

Turquoise Bay-Exmouth-Australia

Turquoise Bay is another best place for snorkeling. It is one of the perfect beach destinations to spend the day swimming, playing with sand. The white sandy shores will give you an opportunity to experience marine life.

Pink Sand Beach: Barbuda

Pink Sand Beach is famous for colored sand and surf, located on the southwestern coast of the Caribbean. It is 8 miles long to give the phenomenal snorkeling experience. Book your trip to Pink Sand Beach to enjoy yourself with your family.

Playa de Cofete-Spain

It is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Spain that is covered with mountains. Visit this stunning beach to enjoy the panoramic views of the rugged west coast.

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