Top 10 Incredible Discoveries of 2021 That Makes Life Easier

Iris | 01 - 05 - 2022
discoveries of 2021

As we all know, technology today is evolving at a rapid speed which leads to so many changes in our day to day life. This trend not only involves emerging technologies and inventions but also includes the outbreak of new diseases and its vaccines. Here, we have enlisted the top 10 discoveries of 2021 that change everyone’s life. 

Top 10 Discoveries of 2021

  • 5G Technology

One of the important discoveries in 2021 is 5G technology. It is the  new global wireless standard that arose after 1G,2G,3G, and 4G networks. 5G technology follows the internet of things and provides us with higher multi-Gbps data speeds and ultra low latency, more reliability and massive network capacity, increased availability. It is expected to revolutionize our lives with advanced technology like AR and VR. 

  • Tactile Virtual Reality

Tactile VR is the new form of Virtual Architecture. Unlike Virtual Reality, this tactile virtual reality has a truly immersive experience. This tactile virtual reality is built with the experience of a completely interactive, multi-sensory virtual experience based on sound, sight and touch. With the help of tactile virtual reality, one will be able to see, hear and seem touchable to them. 

Oranges Can Be Turned into Electricity, Which Produces about 50 Kwh of Electricity through 1 Ton.
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  • Bacteria to Improve Mental Health

There are some bacteria that come under good kind. Psychobiotics that come under the type of live bacteria have so many mental health benefits. When ingested, these bacteria interact with the bacteria in the gut and help them with inducing the happy hormones. Most of the scientists are excited by the prospect of bacteria-brain relationship which leads to so much research in this field. 

  • Touchless Gesture Recognition

Touchless gesture recognition is being hosted by many major organizations like Apple, Microsoft and many other research universities. Even in Abu Dhabi Airport they installed the technology in 53 lifts in June 2020 to help minimize the spread of the virus. Similiar to this, many other country airports have also started to launch touchless travel across four airports, covering everything from check-in and baggage drop to security and boarding.

  • Plastic Eating Bugs 

Plastic waste is one of the biggest challenges that everyone is dealing with. Even Though many of the scientists have come up with so many ways, the end to plastic waste is not up to the mark. Researchers around the world are coming up with all sorts of novel solutions. Among them, the most promising solution is the bio-engineered bug that munches the waste polymers, swiftly breaking them down into monomers that can be recycled easily.

  • Solar Powered Passenger Planes

Solar powered passenger planes were developed by engineers in Switzerland. Solar Impulse 2 made history in 2016 by completing the first round by a solar-powered airplane. The solar impulse 2 project’s founders have predicted solar-powered planes carrying up to 50 passengers. Later in 2019, the solar-powered plane was sold to a small start-up called Skydweller. They planned to develop the technology for military use.

  • AI Developed Antibiotics

As we all know the world is now facing the antibiotic apocalypse as antimicrobial resistance increases. And also the COVID-19 pandemic caused the surge in antibiotic use to treat secondary infections and complications. The world is in need of new antibiotics desperately that has caused the scientists to approach artificial intelligence in developing them. 

  • 3D Organ and Body Part Printing

The world’s first 3D-printed heart developed by using a patient’s own cells and other biological materials, eliminated the risk of implant rejection. Scientists have also developed 3D-printed corneas, bone matrices and cartilage derived from stem cells, as well as 3D-printed skin cells. 

  • Vaccines for Deadly Diseases

The biggest part of 2021 is COVID-19 that leads to so many breakthroughs among everyone. The rising cases of COVID-19 has led to so many developments of vaccines. From Pfizer and Moderna to malaria vaccines, 2021 has been filled with so much science news. 

  •  Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

The collection and use of data to drive behaviors is called the Internet of Behaviors (IoB).  With the help of IoB, people can gather, combine and process data from many sources. That includes citizen data processed by public-sector, commercial customer data, government sectors, social media, public domain,and location tracking.


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