Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries to Escape Life

Ashley | 08 - 18 - 2021

Everyone plans a getaway from the usual. If you are planning your escape now, then you should check out these 10 most scenic countries before you book a vacation.

10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

These countries offer the best of both worlds, from natural marvels to man-made wonders they are home to delightful food, diverse culture, and exotic species. Enjoy the true essence of life at:

  1. Italy– It is not only the romantic capital, with its divine food, pastel landscapes, historical sites, and thrilling adventures it is a one-stop destination if you seek variety.
  2. Spain– Every movie has portrayed its beauty but this Mediterranean heaven has a lot more to offer than a bull race and tomato festival.
  3. France- This is the place if you want a grand vacation. Be it the French language, unrecruited romance or early morning drinking. 
  4. Australia- Confess your love for nature at the Great Barrier Reef or experience a Kangaroo plague first hand. The Australian beauty is not for the faint-hearted.
  5. Greece- Even the Gods can’t explain the beauty of Greece. One must visit it to know it.
  6. Portugal- A minimalist vacation is the middle name of Portugal.
  7. The USA- Hawaiian beaches, Alaskan wildlife, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Smoky Mountains, and the spectacular San Francisco is a view to behold.
  8. South Africa- If you think about tribes and poverty then you are absolutely wrong.
  9. Brazil– It is possible to check out beautiful cities and gorgeous people at the same time.
  10. Germany- If you like to be surprised constantly then Germany is your jam.  

Prettiest Countries in the World

  1. Canada– From its beautiful country scenery to fabulous amenities, Canada is the typical spot for a modern family vacation.
  2. Switzerland -You can go skiing in the winter to sunbathing in lakeside towns. Switzerland has its vacation spots dolled up year around. 
  3. Ireland– Not too good with extreme climates and high altitudes? Ireland has the perfect combination of mountains, valleys, forests and lakes with just the right climate year around. 
  4. Thailand– Begin your Asian vacation here with the perfect balance of nature and nightlife, Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries to visit.
  5. India– No Asian vacation is complete without India on the itinerary. From the wettest place on earth to the Thar desert, from modern infrastructures to archaeological excavations, from posh streets to the downtrodden slums, India is the essence of tourism. 

Which Is the Most Scenic Country in the World?
  • A. Sweden
  • B. Bhutan
  • C. Italy
  • D. Munich
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