Top 10 Will Smith Facts You Must Know About

Emma | 03 - 30 - 2022
10 Interesting Will Smith facts

Willard Caroll Smith, popularly known as Will Smith, is one of the most recognizable actors worldwide. He recently won his first-ever Oscars in his three-decade career and three actor nominations. Will Smith’s life was not a cakewalk; he struggled to reach this position. Here are 10 interesting Will Smith facts that everyone should know.

Interesting Facts About Will Smith

  1. Smith became a millionaire with his music career before the age of 18. His first music album is Big Willie Style which was released in 1997. It became a huge success and reached number 10 on the US Billboard top 200. 
  2. Not only in the Pursuit of Happiness, but Will Smith can solve Rubik’s cube in real life too. He solved a Rubik’s cube live on Tv in 55 seconds. 
  3. Smith’s father was an electrical engineer. As a teenager, he helped his father’s business by installing refrigerators. 
  4. He gained the Guinness world record for the most public appearance in 12 hours. He attended three movie premieres in 12 hours on 22 February 2002. However, now this record has been beaten by the Indian actor Abishek Bachchan.
  5. Will Smith Oscars- Smith has been previously nominated for the Oscars 2 times. One for Ali in 2002 and another for ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ in 2007. He won the award for the Oscar for Best Actor at the 94th Academy Awards. 
  6. Will Smith enjoys playing chess, and he is a great chess player. He enjoys playing chess. He once said that he is blessed that his father taught him chess. Smith also said that the game taught, 
  7. The media calls him Mr.July because most of his blockbusters are released mid-summer. 
  8. Will Smith incorporates “Aw, hell no! ” in all of his movies.
  9. Next on the list is an unknown fact about Will Smith. Did you know? He won a Grammy Award for the hit song “Summertime.”
  10. This is one of the important facts you need to know about will smith. He was 6’2” at the age of 13. He remained the same height as an adult too.

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