Top Tourist Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Elmira | 02 - 19 - 2024

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, nonessential travel, trips, and vacations have been canceled or postponed since the end of 2020. Instead of waiting for your dream destination to reopen, you should consider visiting these top places. you shouldn’t miss out on these holiday destinations which decided to keep visitors at bay. Find these wonderful and best places to visit before they disappear.

Top Places to Visit Before You Die

If you have been craving to visit new places, you have landed at the right place to find these best places to visit today.

Which Countries Are Open for Tourism Now?
  • A. Egypt
  • B. Germany
  • C. Canada
  • D. All of the Above

Mount Everest base camp

It is a piece of bad news for the adventurer and who loves trekking. China decided to close its Everest base camp to visitors this year. The China base camp is located in Tibet. This place is accessible by car whereas visitors can visit Nepalese Camp only by hiking and it takes two weeks to reach the Camp.

Fjadrargljufur canyon- Iceland

Fjadrargljufur canyon is recognized as one of the must-visit places in South Iceland. The canyon contains steep walls and winding water, its length is 1m and deep is 330 feet. In the past few years, tourist numbers have drastically increased in the place. Reportedly, the canyon reported a 150000 footfall in 2016 and 282000 in 2017. These incidents forced the canyon to close down temporarily for visitors.

New Zealand

The New Zealand borders remain closed for tourists. Travelers who are permitted to visit the country include the residents and unavoidable tours. According to the New Zealand Government immigration portal, people who can travel to New Zealand are critical health workers, student or work visa holders and partners, and dependent children of NZ.


Australia is also restricting travelers from entering the country. Reportedly, the Prime Minister of Australia mentioned in June that international tourists are not allowed to enter the country until the middle of 2021. Australians are not permitted to travel to other countries without getting permission from the Department of Home Affairs. Recently, Australia’s airline Qantas suspended international flights at the end of October 2020. At present, they stopped all flight sales till March 2021.


Bali is planning to close its border for tourism till September 2021 due to the pandemic. Bali is famous for beautiful lakes, marvelous waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens, sacred rivers, and mysterious canyons. Bali is home to many Hindu temples and is known as ‘The Island of Gods,’ or The Island of a Thousand Temples.’ But tourists need to hold their plans to visit the place.

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