Unknown Facts about Gucci’s Grass-Stained Jeans

Elmira | 06 - 20 - 2021
Gucci’s Grass Stained Jeans

You may find it weird when you learn the price.

Gucci launched unique denim with grass stains for a whopping $1200 which has left the internet with shock. People started wondering why any brand could make this kind of denim and why anyone would buy denim for a jaw-dropping price when you can easily get your denim dirty by walking in the wet field. This was Gucci’s fall/winter 2020 collection.

Gucci Sells Grass-Stained Jeans

When Did Guccio Gucci Open His First Store?
  • A. Italy
  • B. France
  • C. America
  • D. China

Designer brands always launch something shocking and surprising. According to a New York Post, Gucci is also selling jeans overalls with “grass-stain” for $1400. 

In this fall collection 2020, the company launched a pair of jeans and denim with grass and mud stains that went viral. The company shared the details of the product on their social media account.

Gucci’s Grass Stained Jeans

As stated about the product on Gucci.com, denim is made with 100% organic cotton. The brand also boasts that the grass-stained Gucci denim is made by upcycling the organic leftovers.

The fashion house Gucci debuted its jeans which were treated for a stained like and distressed effect. These pieces of denim have oversized pockets, adjustable straps and some fake grass stains.

The Italian fashion house also says that the process doesn’t include any harmful pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilisers. The brand also states that people don’t care how the products are crafted.

Netizens used Twitter to share their reactions and responses to the stained grass denim. They trolled the luxury brand for making jeans that could actually be made at home free of cost.

Reactions of Twitter Users

Twitter users shared their hilarious reactions in the comment section. One of them tweeted about those who are going to buy,” ‘idiots who willingly will purchase these words out Gucci’s grass-stained jeans’.

Gucci Made Headlines in the Past

The brand is also known for making headlines in the past with its men’s and women’s sneakers for a whopping $870 that was made for all-over distressed effect, according to People magazine. The sneakers launch also raised many eyebrows on social media.

As stated on the website, the shoe designs were inspired by classic trainers in the 70s and vintage sportswear.

Why Is Gucci the Most Loved and Desired Brand?

Gucci is one of the most popular and luxury designer brands. Its target audiences are the music, makeup industry, and automotive industry and furniture buyers. Since 2015, Alessandro Michele took the reins and the brand has been expanding.

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