Unknown Facts about 1964 Alaska Earthquake

Julia | 21 - 10 - 2021

Are you well-versed in the details of Alaska earthquake history? Then, you must be aware of the famous Good Friday earthquake that occurred in Prince William Sound in Alaska. Scientists have found that Alaska has received so many earthquakes when compared to any other state. Play our interesting 1964 Alaskan Earthquake quiz to find out more amusing facts. 

1. Where did the Good Friday Earthquake happen?

2. How Long Did the Alaskan Good Friday Earthquake Last?

3. What Type of Earthquake Was the Good Friday Earthquake?

4. What Is the Range of the 1964 Alaska Earthquake?

5. How Many People Died in Anchorage during the 1964 Earthquake?

6. Why does Alaska have So Many Earthquakes?

7. What Was Unique About the 1964 Alaska Earthquake?

8. What State Has the Most Earthquakes?

9. Which Two States Have the Least Number of Earthquakes?

10. How Many Earthquakes Happened in Alaska Every Year?

11. What Is the Longest Earthquake Ever Recorded?

12. What Is Considered a Big Earthquake?

13. Where Do 90% of Earthquakes Occur?

14. What Magnitude Was the Good Friday Earthquake?

15. Where Is the Prince William Sound in Alaska?