Amazing Facts about Alaska Aces Basketball

Iris | 14 - 12 - 2021

The Alaska Aces is a professional basketball team in the Philippine Basketball Association since 1986 under the ownership of the Alaska Milk Corporation. Following Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, and San Miguel Beermen, Alaska Aces is the 3rd oldest franchise in the Philippine Basketball Association championships(PBAC). They are second in overall championships. Discover more Alaska Aces detail and Alaska Aces team history here.


1. Who Is the Owner of Alaska Aces?

2. Where Do the Alaska Aces Play?

3. _______ Was Named the Most Valuable Player of the Alaska Aces.

4. Who Won the Kelly Cup 2021?

5. Alaska Aces Were Renamed as Hill Bros.

6. Alaska Aces Joined the PBA in the Year?

7. How Many Championships Does Alaska Have?

8. Alaska Aces Is the ____ Name of the Franchise.

9. How Many MVP Awardees Are in Alaska?

10. Alaska’s Retired Numbers Are 6,14,16,20,22, and 34.

11. ______ Was the Longest Coach of the Alaska Franchise.

12. How Many Rookies of the Year Are under This Franchise?

13. The Aces Were Formed as a Semi-professional Team in the ________ In 1989.

14. The Aces Won ____ PBA Championships in the 1990.

15. Alaska Aces Got Placed ____ In Their Inaugural Conference.