Fairbanks Ice Dogs: The Complete History

Ashley | 30 - 11 - 2021

The Fairbanks Ice Dogs was founded to replace the Alaska Gold Kings, an Alaskan Ice Hockey team that was in action since 1975. Find why this change was made and how the Ice Dogs have excelled in the North American Hockey League (NAHL) with a game of trivia. 

Get to fun facts, the team history, their schedule/roster, and the records set by the Fairbanks Ice Dogs hockey team since 1997 with this engaging quiz. 


1. Who Owns the Fairbanks Ice Dogs?

2. What League Are the Fairbanks Ice Dogs In?

3. Where Do Fairbank Ice Dogs Play?

4. Where Are the Fairbanks Ice Dogs From?

5. Does Fairbanks Have a Hockey Team?

6. When Did Fairbanks Ice Dogs Join the NAHL?

7. What Is the Ice Dogs’ Jersey Color?

8. Who Is Named the Head Coach on Ice Dogs Roster?

9. Where Is the Next Game as per Ice Dog Hockey Schedule?

10. How Many Fairbanks Ice Dogs Players Were Drafted?

11. Who Sponsors the Fairbanks Ice Dogs Hockey Team?

12. How Many Seasons Had the Ice Dogs Played Before Joining NAHL?

13. When Did the Ice Dogs Win the Robertson Cup Championship?

14. When Did the Ice Dogs Host the Robertson Cup Championship?

15. How Many Times Have the Ice Dogs Been Given the All NAHL 1st Title?