Alaska’s Glaciers & 15 Must-Know Facts

Ashley | 24 - 10 - 2021

Though Alaska is famous for its moose, caribou, bears, bison, salmon, whales, puffins, jellyfish, etc.  The sight offered by Alaska’s glaciers is the one any human would dream of when thinking about a winter vacation. 

Do you know that the glaciers covered a third of the entire landmass during the ice age? Plus, glaciers are not written off to the poles! You can find them on every continent if you look in the right place.

The ice boulders are the primary reason behind the formation of the fjords and the Great Lakes of America. Don’t stop with the tip of the iceberg go to the bottom of them with this cool quiz now.


1. A Mass of Ice Is Termed as a Glacier Based on _____

2. How Fast Do Glaciers Move?

3. Where Are the Glaciers in Alaska Situated?

4. What Is the Glacier Called in Alaska?

5. How Many Types of Glaciers are in Alaska?

6. How Many Glaciers Are in Alaska?

7. Which Is the Most Beautiful Glacier in Alaska?

8. What Are the Largest Glaciers in Alaska?

9. What Is the Oldest Glacier in Alaska?

10. Where Are Alaska’s Calving Glaciers Located?

11. What Organism Is Found Only in Alaska’s Glaciers?

12. What Are the Unique Features of Glaciers in Alaska?

13. What Is the Best Way to Explore Alaska’s Glaciers?

14. Which Is the Best Time to Visit Alaska’s Glaciers?

15. Alaska’s Glaciers Are Melting ____ Faster