What Are 10 Interesting Facts about Alaska?

Julia | 06 - 12 - 2021

Do you know what is unique about Alaska? The word Alaska comes from the word “Alyeska” meaning “The Great Land.” Also, Alaska is the only state whose capital has no access to roads, and it is accessible only through roads and planes. Get to know more engrossing facts about the state of Alaska here. Don’t forget to play our interesting Alaska facts quiz.

1. How Many Mountains Are There in Alaska?

2. Name the Largest Lake in Alaska?

3. Yukon River Is the Largest River in Alaska.

4. The Northern Lights in Alaska Can Be Seen in Fairbanks 250 Days a Year.

5. Alaska Has an Estimated Amount of ______ Glaciers.

6. Alaska Has _____ Kilometers of Tidal Shorelines.

7. Alaska Is the Only State That Does Not Have Any State Tax.

8. Lake Hood in ______ Is the World’s Largest and Busiest Seaplane Base.

9. The Largest Salmon Ever Caught Was at Kenai River.

10. When Alaska Day Is Celebrated in Alaska?

11. The Highest Temperature Recorded in Alaska Was ____ Degrees.

12. Alaska Produces More than 60% of the Commercial Fisheries in the U.S.

13. Zinc Is the Biggest Mineral Export in Alaska.

14. Alaska Is the Only State in the United States Which Has No Bears.

15. Does Alaska Have More Volcanoes than the Other States?