Take Our Interesting Quiz on Islands of Alaska Online

Elmira | 09 - 12 - 2021

Alaska, also known as The Last Frontier, is home to magnificent islands. It contains more than 2,600 named islands and 6,640 miles of coastline. Visitors can enjoy exploring Alaska’s stunning black sand beaches, scenic vistas, volcanic formations, and fun outdoor activities. Some of the famous Alaska islands are Baranof Island, Adak Island, Admiralty Island, Bogoslof Island, Chichagof Island, and many more that can offer something for everyone. Which is the best Alaska Islands? If you want to expand your knowledge on Islands in Alaska, participate in our latest quiz on a list of islands of Alaska to see how well you perform. You can share these engaging Alaska island names trivia with your friends. 


1. How Many Acres Does Baranof Island Cover?

2. How Many Islands Are in Alaska?

3. Where Is Admiralty Island Located?

4. Can I Visit the Aleutian Islands?

5. What Is the Largest Island in Alaska?

6. How Long Is Montague Island Alaska?

7. What Is the Most Beautiful Island in Alaska?

8. How Big Is the Island of Ketchikan?

9. Where Is Fox Island in Alaska?

10. Can You Drive to Douglas Island From Juneau?

11. How Many Bears Are on Chichagof Island?

12. What Is the Smallest Island in Alaska?

13. Which Island Is Also Called Agasagook Island?

14. When Was Adak Abandoned?

15. How Big Is Montague Island Alaska?