Participate in Our Northern Lights in Alaska Quiz Online

Elmira | 16 - 12 - 2021

Alaska is known as one of the best sites on our planet to catch the glimpse of beautiful Northern lights. It is also referred to as Aurora Borealis which are colorful bands of light that appear like dance in the dark sky. Tourists from around the world visit Alaska to view this dazzling display. People usually visit in winter to also enjoy activities such as snowmobiling, dog mushing, skiing, festivals, and sporting events. How to see northern lights in Alaska? If you want to watch beautiful Northern Lights, plan your trip in late fall and winter or early spring. Take our enjoyable quiz on Northern lights in Alaska to learn why your vacation is incomplete without it.


1. Where Is the Best Place to See the Northern Lights in Alaska?

2. What Causes the Northern Lights in Alaska?

3. Can the Northern Lights Appear Anywhere?

4. When is the Best Month to See the Northern Lights in Alaska?

5. Is Anchorage a Good Place to See Northern Lights?

6. How Long Do the Northern Lights Last in Alaska?

7. The Northern Lights Are Listed as One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

8. Northern Lights Are Not Visible From Space.

9. Northern Lights Can Be Seen Only During Winter.

10. The Northern Lights Are Also Called__________.

11. Can You See the Northern Lights When the Moon Is Out?

12. When Is the Best Time to Observe the Northern Lights in Alaska?

13. The Northern Lights Featured in Norse Mythology.

14. Japanese Culture Also Associates the Aurora With________.

15. The Northern Lights Occur Around 20km Above the Earth.