Can You Pass This Ultimate Volcanoes in Alaska Quiz?

Elmira | 23 - 10 - 2021

Participate in our volcanoes in Alaska quiz to see how well you know about explosive volcanoes. Alaska is famous for its nature, landscapes, and volcanoes due to its explosive and regular eruptions. The Novarupta volcano eruption was considered the largest eruption of the twentieth century. Take our latest quiz to learn these mind-blowing facts about dormant volcanoes in Alaska. Where are active volcanoes located? Alaska is home to more than 130 volcanoes and volcanic fields that have been constantly active for the last two million years. Among these volcanoes, around 90 volcanoes have been continuously erupting for the last 10,000 years (or might be expected to erupt again). Over 50 volcanoes have been active since around 1760 in Alaska. Alaska volcanoes contribute to three-quarters of US volcanoes that have erupted in the last 200 years. If you think you are a geography expert, then try to score 15 out of 15 in our most amazing volcanoes in Alaska quiz to see where you stand.

1. How Many Volcanoes Are There in Alaska?

2. What Is the Largest Active Volcano in Alaska?

3. How Many Alaskan Volcanoes Are Currently Erupting?

4. What Is the Oldest Volcano in Alaska?

5. How Often Do Volcanoes in Alaska Erupt?

6. Alaska Has ______Percent of Active Volcanoes in the US.

7. When Did Mount Novarupta Erupt?

8. When Was the Last Time Shishaldin Volcano Erupted?

9. How Many Active Volcanoes Are There in Alaska?

10. When Did Mount Katmai Last Erupt?

11. What Is the World's Largest Eruption of the 20th Century?

12. When Did Mount Spurr First Erupt?

13. What Type of Volcanoes Are Located in Alaska?

14. How Many Times Has Fourpeaked Erupted?

15. Which Volcano Erupted in 2009?