Get to the Know The Famous National Parks in Arizona

Eliza | 25 - 09 - 2021

Arizona has been nicknamed the “Grand Canyon State” so many people think this state is only famous for the Grand Canyon which is absolutely wrong. Arizona has many fascinating state parks, national parks, sight-seeing places, monuments, deserts, and much more. If you’re planning to visit Arizona don’t miss to explore the National parks near Phoenix AZ and Arizona state parks. We have clubbed the best Arizona parks that not only have stunning views but are perfect to relax and enjoy with your family and friends. Take our national parks in Arizona quiz and plan your holiday accordingly. 

1. Which Is the Most Famous Desert Park in Arizona?

2. What One of the Following is the Famous Park in Arizona?

3. Which National Park Contains Route 66?

4. How Old Is Monument Valley?

5. The Jerome State Historic Park Features______.

6. The Lost Dutchman Gold Park Is Named After a Gold Mine.

7. What Type of Cave Is Kartchner Caves?

8. How Big Is Red Rock State Park?

9. Which One of the Following Parks Is Named After a Nearby Town?

10. How Deep Is Roper Lake in Arizona?

11. Does Patagonia Lake State Park Have a Beach?

12. Which City Alamo Lake State Park Is Located?

13. Where Is Lyman Lake Park Located?

14. What Was Tombstone City Park Famous For?

15. Picacho Peak Is Known for Its Winter Display of Wildflowers. True