19 Interesting Facts about the Grand Canyon

Ashley | 07 - 09 - 2021

How many times have you heard about the Grand Canyon being big and old? Find out the 19 interesting facts about the Grand Canyon from the day it was formed till now.  

Do you know that the Grand Canyon is neither the deepest nor the longest in the world? Its beautiful colors and collective landscape made it one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 

One of the most important Grand Canyon facts is, it is owned by the federal government and is currently leased to China in return for the ownership of Yuntaishan Geopark there.

Find out the remaining 18 Grand Canyon National Park Facts below.

1. Who Named it the “Grand Canyon”?

2. How Old Is the Grand Canyon?

3. How Did the Grand Canyon Form?

4. What Color Is the Grand Canyon in Arizona?

5. Which Side Is Better in the Grand Canyon?

6. What Is the Size of the Grand Canyon?

7. How Deep Is the Grand Canyon?

8. Which Is the Most Dangerous Species in the Grand Canyon?

9. Which River Passes through the Grand Canyon?

10. What Is the Grand Canyon Famous For?

11. How Many Presidents Have Visited the Grand Canyon?

12. Does the Grand Canyon Create Its Own Weather?

13. Are There Dinosaur Bones in the Grand Canyon?

14. Do Humans Live In the Grand Canyon?

15. How Many Endangered Species of Animals Are There in the Grand Canyon?

16. What Was Found in the Grand Canyon after the Cliff Collapse?

17. The Grand Canyon Is Home to the _____ Geographical Phenomenon

18. What Is Unique about the Grand Canyon?