What Do You Know about Arizona’s Natural Wonders?

Emma | 23 - 09 - 2021

The Copper State is not only famous for its “Grand Canyon” but also for many incredible natural wonders. Arizona is home to many attractive sights; it has spectacular canyons, vast deserts, mountain ranges, and breathtaking formations. The state itself is a huge natural wonder and it’s the best destination for travelers and hikers. From the world-famous Great Canyon to Rainbow Mountains, we’ve clubbed the must-see places in Arizona. If you’re planning to visit Arizona, write your itinerary after playing our “Arizona Natural Wonders quiz.” So why wait? Play our quiz now and get to know the famous natural wonders in Arizona. 

1. Which of the Following Is the Best Canyon-Backpacking Destinations in the World?

2. The Grand Canyon Is Bigger than the State of Rhode Island.

3. When Did the Horseshoe Bend Form?

4. Which Place in Arizona Is Filled with Stunning Red Rock Mountains and Buttes?

5. Which One of the Following is the World's Greatest Natural Wonders?

6. Where Are the Colorful Rocks in Arizona?

7. What Are the Rock Formations in Arizona Called?

8. Where are the Rainbow Mountains in Arizona?

9. What Color Is the Grand Canyon in Arizona?

10. How Old Is the Oak Creek Canyon?

11. Which of the Following Are the Most-Photographed Places on the Earth?

12. Name the Canyon that Preserves the Ruins and Rock Art of Indigenous Peoples.

13. When Did the Meteor Crater in Arizona Happen?

14. How Many Acres Is the Petrified Forest?

15. How Many Waterfalls Are There in Havasupai?