The Take Ultimate Arizona State Symbols Quiz

Elmira | 30 - 08 - 2021

How well do you know the great state of Arizona? Take this fun quiz about Arizona state symbols to test your knowledge of Arizona. It is situated in the American Southwest. It became the 48th US state on February 14, 1912. Arizona is not only boasting of its dazzling desert landscape and astounding rock formations, it has so much more to offer. Planning your trip to Arizona? Do you know what the newest Arizona state symbol is? If you want to learn the Arizona state motto, state animal, AZ state birds, state anthem, and Arizona state flower, you have landed at the right spot to learn some important symbols of Arizona to expand your knowledge. Learning these important state symbols can help you get along with Arizona people and also can boost your knowledge in front of them. Participate in our latest quiz on Arizona state symbols for free. You can also share these Arizona state symbols trivia questions with your friends.

1. What Is Arizona's State Gem?

2. What Is Arizona's State Fish?

3. _________ Is the State Marine Mammal of Arizona.

4. How Many Rays Does the Arizona Flag Have?

5. What Is the State Bird of Arizona?

6. What Is Arizona’s State Flower?

7. Arizona's State Nickname Is __________.

8. What Is the State Fossil of Arizona?

9. What Is Arizona’s State Mineral?

10. What Is Arizona's State Motto?

11. What Is Arizona’s State Amphibian?

12. What Is Arizona’s State Soil?

13. Which One of the Following Is Arizona’s State Tree?

14. What Is the State Reptile of Arizona?

15. What Is the New State Metal of Arizona?