15 Facts about the London Bridge, Lake Havasu City

Ashley | 15 - 09 - 2021

The London Bridge, Lake Havasu City is a famous tourist attraction because the city is a mini London in America. Do you know why the London Bridge, Lake Havasu built in the 1830s was moved from the Thames to Arizona?

Find out fifteen interesting historical facts about its initial construction on the Thames and fascinating facts and incidents that took place during its reconstruction in AZ. Get to know if America was duped into buying a weak bridge by the U.K.

Play this quiz to discover the myths surrounding the London Bridge’s reconstruction and know whether it collapsed.

1. Who Built the London Bridge?

2. Where Is London Bridge Located?

3. What Type of Bridge Is the Lake Havasu London Bridge?

4. How Much Did America Pay for London Bridge?

5. How Old Is the London Bridge in Lake Havasu?

6. When Did the London Bridge Collapse?

7. Who Wrote the Song “London Bridge Is Falling Down”?

8. Why Was the London Bridge in Arizona Moved?

9. Did the London Bridge Make Lake Havasu Famous?

10. When Was the London Bridge AZ Built?

11. How Was the London Bridge Moved to America?

12. What Did the Original English Village Have?

13. Is the London Bridge and Tower Bridge the Same?

14. How Many Pop Culture Films/Series Were Shot on London Bridge?

15. What Is Famous in Lake Havasu City?