Play Our Ultimate Universal Studios Hollywood Quiz

Elmira | 24 - 12 - 2020

Are you ready to explore theme parks? Universal Studios Hollywood is unique and different from other theme parks. It is not only a film studio but also a theme park. With our quiz, you will learn how different the Studio is and how it became a popular tourist attraction. The theme park is located in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County, California. Almost 70 percent of the Studio lies on the island called Universal City, and the remaining areas covered the city of Los Angeles, California. If you think you are well-versed in Universal Studios Hollywood, we challenge you to try Universal Studios quiz questions to see where you stand. Universal Studios Hollywood quiz covers information about exciting theme park rides, movie studios, shops, concerts, restaurants, and cinemas at CityWalk. Play our fun and interesting Universal Studios trivia now!

1. When Was Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park Opened?

2. How Many Harry Potter Rides Are There in Universal Studios?

3. How Many Times Has Universal Studios Hollywood's Backlot Been Damaged by Fire?

4. When Was the War Lord Tower Opened?

5. What Ride Consists of Motion Platform-Mounted Vehicles That Follow a 610-Meter-Long Track?

6. How Many Rides Do Universal Studios Hollywood Have?

7. When Was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Land First Opened?

8. Which One of the Following Is an Enclosed Roller Coaster in Universal Studios Hollywood?

9. When Was Jurassic Park: The Ride Opened?

10. Is Minion Mayhem a Roller Coaster?

11. When Did Transformers: The Ride 3d Open?

12. When Was the E.T. Adventure Closed?

13. ___________ Show Was Opened by Replacing the Star Trek Adventure.

14. Which Park Is Based on Michael Crichton's 1990 Novel?

15. What Is the Slogan of Universal Studios Hollywood?