California Geography Trivia you must try at least once

Ashley | 23 - 12 - 2020

California is very popular for its beautiful beaches, mountains, lakes, valleys, and distinct landscape. Do you want to learn more about it? Play our California geography trivia now. Our famous quiz on California cities and towns will virtually take you to those places and help you explore more. Play our California cities quizzes right away and gain more knowledge. If you are planning your next trip to California, you must play our California cities trivia quizzes once.

1. How Many Counties and Municipalities Does California Have?

2. Which Is the Biggest City in California?

3. What Is California’s Nickname?

4. Which of the Following Is Home to the Most Expensive Store in the World?

5. What Is the Youngest City in California?

6. Which of the Following Is the Only North American City to Have Hosted the Olympics Twice?

7. Which of the Following Is Referred to as “the City of Trees” in California?

8. When Did the United States’ First Chinese Immigrant Come to California?

9. Where Is the World’s First 24-Hour Cupcake ATM?

10. The City Pomona Was Named after the Ancient Roman Goddess of Fruit.

11. Irvine Was Incorporated as a City in 1871.

12. Where Is the Largest Chilean-American Cultural Center in California Located?

13. What Is the Reason behind the Name “Anaheim”?

14. Where Was the World’s First Cheeseburger Invented?

15. What Is the Most Populated City in California?