Play Our Ultimate California Flora and Fauna Quiz

Elmira | 21 - 12 - 2020

Want to explore the Golden State’s biological richness? Get ready to play our fun and informative California flora and fauna quiz to put your geography knowledge to the test. California is known as one of the most biologically diverse places in the world. The state is not only surrounded by tall mountains but also home to many “endemic species.” As per the Jepson Manual study, California alone has 2,153 species, subspecies, and endemic varieties and home to approximately 3,488 native plant species, that is 60% found nowhere else on the planet. Our native California flora trivia covers all the information on native California Plants that will help you increase your knowledge. If you love to learn about wild animals, our California flora and fauna quiz is perfect for you. Test your knowledge by playing our most entertaining flora and fauna Of California quiz now! Share the native plant quiz with your friends and family and see who will score the highest!


1. What California Bird Is Known as the Largest Flying Bird in North America?

2. Where Is the Avocado Capital of the World?

3. This Bird Is Found Mainly in California's San Francisco Bay to Southern Baja California. Can You Identify the Bird?

4. What Is the Most Dangerous Animal in California?

5. Gray Wolves or Canis Lupus Were Founded in the_________ in California.

6. Which of the Following Is Known as a Highly Popular Native Plant?

7. How Long Do California Newts Live?

8. Which Native Plant Is Also Called California Encelia?

9. Which One of the Species Is Native to California?

10. It Is Often Known as the Most Beautiful Snake in the United States.

11. Which One of the Following Grows in California?

12. Is Carpobrotus Edulis Edible?

13. Which Flower Has Been Kept Hidden in English Gardens for over 100 Years?

14. __________ Plant Is Named after a Scottish Botanist.

15. Which Is the Official State Flower of California?