Take the Ultimate Quiz on the 1800s California History

Ashley | 26 - 12 - 2020

Native Americans first arrived in California for an estimated 13,000 years ago. Later, it evolved slowly from the California Gold Rush to the introduction of Railroads. Play our quiz in order to discover more of the History of California before 1900. These interesting facts about the 1800s California history will help you learn about the California history,  the Gold Rush and so much more. Take this quiz right away and discover several fun facts about the California 1800s history.

1. The Native Americans Lived in the Area Now Called California for 2,000 to 5,000 Years?

2. Who Discovered California First?

3. The Spanish Divide California into Two Parts as Provinces of New Spain.

4. When Was the First Permanent Mission in Baja California Founded?

5. When Did California Leave Mexico?

6. What Country Was California Part of in 1840?

7. When Was the First Railroad of California Built?

8. When Was the Los Angeles & San Pedro Railroad Inaugurated?

9. When Did William H. Aspinwall Conceive a Plan for the Construction of a Railway across the Isthmus of Panama?

10. The Butterfield Overland Mail Stage Line Was a Stagecoach Service.

11. When Did the Pony Express Start Operating?

12. Which Is the First United States Navy Base Established on the Pacific Ocean?

13. Who Were the Incorporators of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company?

14. The Population Rush into California in 1848 Was a Result of?

15. When Was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Signed?