Interesting Facts About the California Gold Rush

Leia Smith | 25 - 12 - 2020

California gold rush is one of the most significant historical events in the 1800s. This trivia clubs some of the fun gold rush facts and how it all happened. From boosting San Francisco’s economy to bringing millions of immigrants into the state, the California gold rush is an important occurrence in US history. Learn everything about the California gold rush and take up the quiz right here!

1. Who Was the President of the US During the California Gold Rush?

2. What Year Did the Gold Rush in California Begin?

3. How Much Gold Was Found in the California Gold Rush?

4. People Started Migrating to Which City in California After the News of Gold Presence Spread?

5. Hydraulic Mining Was Used to Extract Gold During the California Gold Rush?

6. What Was the Nickname for People Who Moved to California During the Gold Rush?

7. _____________ Was Prevalent During the California Gold Rush.

8. California Had Become a State Even Before the Gold Rush.

9. Who First Saw Flakes of Gold at the Sutter’s Mill?

10. When Did the California Gold Rush Peak?

11. San Francisco Is the Capital of California.

12. California Is the Leading Gold Producing State in the USA.

13. How Many People Came to California During the Gold Rush?

14. Who Was the First Governor of California?

15. Immigrants From Which Country Were Taxed More During the Gold Rush?

16. How Many People Died in the Gold Rush?