Los Angeles Angels Quizzes online

Leia Smith | 20 - 10 - 2020

Fan of the LA Angels? Use your baseball skills to play the most interesting Los Angeles Angels quizzes available in our sports section. Get to everything about the team’s history and achievements through the Angels quiz and trivia. Also be updated on the Angels’ key players, match schedules, etc right here on Trivia Sharp. Team up with your friends and attempt a game of Los Angeles Angels quiz right away!

1. Where Is the Los Angeles Angels Team Based? Anaheim

2. How Many World Series Championships Has the Angels Won?

3. What Is MLB?

4. How Many West Division Titles Have the Angels Won?

5. Arturo Moreno Is the First Owner of the Angels Franchise.

6. What Are the Los Angeles Angels Otherwise Called?

7. Which Division Do the Angels Play For?

8. How Many Years Did Gene Autry Own the Franchise For?

9. How Many Logos Have the Angels Used to Date?

10. Gene Autry Sold the la Angeles to Walt Disney Co in 1996.

11. What Is the Nickname of the Angel Stadium?

12. In Which Year Were the Angels Renamed the California Angels?

13. What Position Does Mike Trout Play?

14. What Is the Angels’ Mantra?

15. Current MLB Teams Have Captains