How Well Can You Answer This Disneyland Quiz?

Ashley | 25 - 09 - 2020

It is the happiest place on earth. One can visit Disneyland anytime of the year and it still serves its purpose of spreading happiness. Disneyland is a place that allows you to experience a fantasy world. For a day, it makes you forget all your sorrow. It’s just fun, fun, and fun! If you are a true Disneyland lover, can you answer these Disneyland trivia questions and Disneyland quizzes? This Disneyland trivia quiz can help you test your knowledge!

1. When Was the First Disneyland Opened?

2. When Was the Construction of the First Disneyland Began?

3. Until Which Year Disneyland’s Employees Were Not Allowed to Have Mustaches?

4. When Was the Monorail at Disneyland Opened?

5. When Was the King Arthur Carousel at Disneyland Built?

6. How Many Unscheduled Closures Have Disneyland Experienced before 2020?

7. How Many Attractions Were There When Disneyland Was Opened?

8. When Was the Time Capsule Buried at the Entrance of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

9. What Is the Construction Cost of First Ever Disneyland?

10. What Is the Age of Disneyland in 2020?

11. What Was the Price of a Disneyland Ticket When It Opened?

12. How Long Did the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Last?

13. What Is the Cost to Build the Epic Indoor Roller Coaster?

14. What Is the Cost to Build the Roller Coaster Expedition Everest?

15. In Which Year Did Two People Lose Their Fingers on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride?