Challenging San Diego Chargers Quiz for All the Football Fans

Emma | 20 - 12 - 2020

Football is the most popular sport watched and loved by people all around the world. If you are here to attend our San Diego Chargers quizzes, then no wonder you must be a big fan of the Los Angeles Chargers franchise. Play now to know how well you know about your favorite sports team. By answering our Los Angeles chargers trivia questions & answers you get to know about many unknown data and interesting facts about your favorite team and player. 


1. The Los Angeles Chargers Team Was Founded On?

2. What Are the Los Angeles Chargers Worth?

3. Who Is the Owner of the LA Chargers Now?

4. Who Was the First Charger Inducted Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

5. How Many Colors Are There in the Los Angeles Chargers?

6. Where Do the San Diego Chargers Play Now?

7. What City Did the Chargers Play Their First Season in?

8. Who Coached the Chargers to More Victories in the 20th Century Than Any Other Head Coach?

9. Who Was the Original Owner of the Chargers?

10. Who Is the Mascot of the Los Angeles Chargers?

11. When Did the San Diego Chargers Become the Los Angeles Chargers?

12. Who Is the Rival of the Los Angeles Chargers?

13. Which San Diego Offensive Lineman Was Nicknamed,

14. Marty Schottenheimer Replaced Head Coach Mike Riley?

15. What Are the Four Retired Numbers of Chargers?